Secular Jinnah ??????????

the other day a pakistni friend of mine said Jinnah was a secular leader, i was quite amused that he would think that, because as i understood history nothing pointed out to him being a secular person

the only thing is the speech he gave after the formation of Pakistan , that all citizen were equal irrespetive of cate creed or religion,  that  state had nothing to do with religion ect ect which i always found very hippocratic, after forming a country based on religion during which millions of innocent people died not wothstanding our own hippocritic leader Mr Advani claiming jinnah was secular leader, its like one thief giving a good conduct certificate to another, i do not think jinnah was secular

some people mistaken think he was secular because he ate ham, drank whiskey he was secular , others point out to his speech given on 11th aug 1947,

it is ironic a person who claimed religion did not matter to pakistan converted for a small sect of shia  to which he belonged to sunni sect,  wanted seperate electorate for muslims in united india

if Jinnah is secular then so is Advani, and all kar sevaks who who destroyed babri masjid, the muslim of PDF party in Kerala who chopped the hands of a christian proffesor because they have the same ideologue

people save us from secular person like these


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