Karachi Burning

October 24, 2010

Pakistan was formed on the bases of religion, with the assumption that muslim area seperate country, and that islam binds them togather, this has proved to be false and the first nail in the coffin was the freedom of bengla speaking people of esat pakistan,
they were slaughtred by the pak miltary, their women raped, million dies, but they gained their freedom thanks to the sacrifices of the indian soldiers,

the bamgalis in turn salaughtered the urdu speaking muslim, who had sided with west pakistn and many came as refugees back to kafir india for safety fearing for their life in muslim bangaladesh, some went to west pakistn
these urdu speaking muslims are called refugees in pakistn, after over 50 years they are still not called urdu speaking pakistnis, as other communities are called, punjabi speaking, pusthos speaking ect
this the reason for conflict in karachi
the mohajir formed a clear majority in karachi after the partition,almost 70%, but now they are just 41% and soon their way of life will be threatened,
it is a fact that pakistanis never accepted the urdu speaking people of pakitan as pakistani, they consider them as outsiders, that is also the reasom that million of urdu spekers in bangladesh who supported pkistani army during the 1971 war are still in bangladesh as refugee

it is an irony that urdu speker created pakistn, as the punjabis and sindi were mostly illiterate peasent

the urdu speaker will never be safe in pakistan, the punjabi/pusthoon dominated pakistani army will someday turn on them as they did agaist the bangla speaking population of east pakistan

the urdu speaker should have one political party instead of different parties so they can be more united and strong

they should have had their own province in pakistn as other groups do, which could be carved where they are in majority, this is the only gurantee of some sucurity for them , this was mooted after partition to have a seperate province called jinnahpur, in sind, its time this call is rivived,
unlike during partition where urdu speaker m,ade up a clear majority in karachi, hyderbad ect, now it not the case as the balnce have shifet with the afgan population booming in karachi, and their higer growth rate, the percentage of urdu speaker has declined,
the sindhis and punjabis are taking advante of this, and use this pathans to kill mohajirs, its ironic, bec most of these pathan are from afganistn and refugees and so u can call them the recent mohajirs, but they act like they are the original pakistnis and urdu speakers are hindustani
the military will not help as they will simple watch the show, if not actively help the pathans to teach the urdu spekeing people a lesson

so now what is happening is a fight for dominance in karachi, each want to dominate the city, the afgan, maohajirs, and its is very clear, islam does not bind them togather, but language and ethinicity does, after 1400 years islam has still not overcome language and ethinicty of its followers
this is miya Moin ansari 5000 year old pakistani civilisation which according to some pakistnis exsited long before india did, so along with religion even the pakistni civilisation has faied to unite the people

the only course for mohagirs, who do not belong to this civilistaion is the have a seperate province in sind, nothing short of that will give them sucurity, and karachi will keep burning as is the reast of pakistn


The Rise Of Shias

October 21, 2010

After 1400 years the shias will be in their rightful position of strength long denied by the sunnis, the rise of shia is good news for the world as we have fewer terrorist in the shia community as compared to sunnis,
Eg though USA is a sworn enemy of Iran, and Iranians are equality interested in securing the right of Palestinian, we do not have Iranian terror attack against USA or the west as compared to these so called sunni allies of American eg pak or Saudi , sunni countries are a breeding ground of terrorism eg pakis, Saudis, yemen ect ect
Shia terrorism is mostly a reaction to sunni attack and to protect their interest eg in Iraq
USA has unwittingly given Iran a upper hand in the region, by overthrowing a sunni dictator in Iraq, it assured of shia dominance in Iraq, with 70% shia and just 15 % sunni, Iraq will be a shia country the moment the American leave, all the help Saudis give the sunnis will not change the equation, and if it tries to forment too much trouble in Iraq, its own shia population will rise, and most of its oil is in shia dominated areas,

Iraq – shia dominated
Saudi, sooner or later the shias will rise and ask for a separate country, or join Iraq,they have been discriminated for too long by the sunnis, in Saudi the only reason Saudi is united is because of the American, its americam arms and support which is keeping the corrupt degraded monarch in power, eg yesterday Saudi prince grandson of king fahd was sentenced for murder and sexual assault in UK and these from the custodian of the holy mosque, and follower of so called pure islam
Syria – under Iranian control
Lebanon, shia majority
Baharian shia majority, sunni monarch in power because of the grace of USA
Kuwait, shia majority same as above
Afghanistan, USA did a huge favour to Iran by kicking out sunni Taliban, the Taliban killed 1000s of shias in Afghanistan and after the American leave they will not want to be under the paki sponsored Taliban, they will divide the country, and hazara will be a free nation with the help from Iran
The rebellion in the northern area will intensify as the sunnis start targeting more and more shia in Pakistan, these will keep the pakis busy
The American are the only temporary block holding the rise of shia s ,
This will leave a improvised sunni countries in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the broken gulf countries, strife torn yemen ect,
The rise of shia islam will be good for the world as its more peaceful, and breed less terrorist
The time for shia to grab power is now, and the sunni countries are rightfully scared of shia iran, and the Saudis will kiss the American behind for it to put pressure on Iran, and pakis have already using the American lines as to why Iran needs the nukes, as a nuclear iran will ensure the shias get their rightful place in the world and islam from Saudi arabia to Pakistan, Syria Lebanon afganistn ect and it will not be a shia cresent but a full shia moon

Pakistani civilisation open question to miya moin ansari

October 20, 2010

i was just reading an article by a cracpot Moin Ansari who states that pakistn is 150000 years old, it predates india and all the civilisation of th

i have just one question for Mr Moin Ansari ( by the way he is a converted hindu, from india whose parents went to pakistan as refugee during partition) he claims there was no partition, as pakistn already exsited for 1000s of years
so my question if its such an old civilisation then why is it that the mohajirs , sindis, punjabis still killing each others, in pakistn, and more specifically in karachi in the last few days ?
are we to assume there are different civilisation in pakistn each at loggerhead with the others?
thus is an open question to Moin miya ? violent conflict can occur within n a civilisation, but its mosty idelogycal, for power ect, but in pakistan we see civil war based on language eh urdu, sindi, punjabi ect, enthicity eg pustho, sindhi, balouch muslim religion eg shia, sunni, qaidiyan ect
so are they all people of same civilisation or are they different?

does pakistniat exsit, if it does where? in punjab, or sind, in the pathan lands?

The Islamic Bomb

October 19, 2010

yesterday paki foreingn minister gave a statement that Iran had no need for a atomic bomb, it faced no threat, and thet it should knowtoW to USA sic like the pakis do

now lets see what might have caused this views
pak is a paid mercenery of Saudi, its a master servant relationship, saudis need pakis to fight their war and protect them from a shia iran, in case of a all out war between shis and sunnis, pakis are the counter weight for saudis against Iranians,
a shia boms is a threat for sunnis countries more so then it is for isreal

so pakis are doing the bidding of its masters the USA and Saudis, iand it is now safer to assume that the tesnsion between the american and Iranian will enter the final phase and may escalate into a military conflict, and pakis as usual will jump into the american camp, (9/11, and soviots entering afghannistan ect) and so they getting ready, incase the military conflict begins they can tell the muslim world that they did everthing to stop the conflict a a brotherly muslim country, so a brother muslim country does not suffer ect ect but it is a fact pakistani and saudis will be the most happy nations if iran is destroyed, as iran with the collapse of iraq ia the most powerful country in the gulf
for iram sunni pak and saudi are mpre of a threat then israel or USA,
iranian sucurity is assured if it neutrilises sunni nations, as anyone know islamic history will know sunnis are the biggest threat to shia muslim, they have been killed in in all muslim countries whre they are in minority eg pakistan,
things would be different if pak did not have the nukes then iran had no reason to accquire a nuke bomb,

now paki advise is like a cat telling a rat he should not stay in the hole

pakistani ghairat

October 14, 2010

pakis have suddenly discovered self respect, and made americans to appologise for killing 3 paki soldiers, they stopped nato supplies, its great, but it left me wondering what about the 100s of innocent pakistani pushtuns killed by drones, is their life not important for paki state,

it will surely leave the tribal people wondering why the pak state did not act when small children were killed ( colloteral damage)
or was the paki army chief scared of soldiers revolting if he did not take any action against the american

it is no secret the army has sold pak, tribal areas to american, and northern area to chinese, the ghairat of pakis is at an all time low

Pakistan Imploding

September 8, 2010

pakistanis should wake up as to why the world community is so reluntant to help them in these dark days, they still seem to have not realised why the world community is averse to helpin them,

for a start they are asking aid from the west and there are news comming out of pakistn that the minorities sepecially the christian are being discrminated by them when providing help to the flood vitims, there christian are being thrown out of their houses and the houses takien over by the flood victims,

terrorist nutured by the ISI are moving freely in pakistn, and bombing the cities at will as if they have the support of some group very high up in the pakistni govt

every secong terrorist cought world wide has some link to pakistan, some have link as high as the PM office as in the case of Hadely aka mr gilani

last time around when the earthquqke hit pakistn, most of the aid given to pakistn never reached the people of the tribal belt, many govt officila became rich overnight

India gave 25 million dollars, and pakitn took 2 weeks to accept it, which send signal world wide that pakistn does not really need aid, action speaks louder then word, and this action of pakistn was loud and clear

these are just few of the reason, is it any surprise the world is not bending bacwards to help pakistan

pakistani as a community like to blame everybody but themself, for all the ills that have visited them over the years, both man made and natures wrath

i came across an article which is in serculation that this flood was caused by USA , Inidia and Israel how riducules can one get, the person propagating it is Moin Ansari, and he seems to have a deree in blaming the west and particulary India for everything

though the floods caused wide spread devastation, quite a bit of it was caused by the politician and the feaduls in pakistn, many of them breached the  dukes in places so the water would flow in another are and their farms town would be saved, many a cities were flooded because of these reasons

now its free for all politician versur politician, provnce versus province, community versus community, it seems the floods have washed away whatever veneer of stability and pakistthe countries niat left in this land

the trbal belt is up in arms, the soverienity is a joke, USA is bombing pakistn at a drop of a hat,  in the nothern area the chinese have been invited to keep the tribal revolt down, and to top the cake mr Malik said yesterday that balouchistan will be attacked by pakistni army like they are doing in swat to keep the peace  there

the final nail in the coffin will be when USA cut and runs from afganistan, then be sure the taleban will take over pakistn, and then they will fight among themself, like they did in afganistn before 9/11  in pakistn it will be the pusto tribal versus punjabi taleban, with balouchi and sindhis joinning in

it is time the pakistni realise the danger and stop supporting terror as a state policy for containg india afganistn, and using it to get money out of the west, they are playing with fire and its only a matter of time before they burn themself,

wake up

The Game

December 5, 2009

the tempreture in Pakistab is rising, feeling the heat, is the common people, the mullahs and the politician are playing one upmanship, theses two groups are the untouchables in pakistan, the military is the refree, who decides who should be shown a red card or yellow card
right now its the group based in Wazaristan which has been the red card.

The Let and groups based in punjab have green card so they can play as they like

now the question arises which group are responsible for the bombing of pakistni cities, we had 2 in the last 2 days, Rawalpindi yesterday and peshwar today? do these group have the permission to creat these mayham, i think they do, atleast part of the military/ISI are hands in gloves not to speak of spme political backing too, bec without the authorities backing its almost impossible for the terrorist to be so sucessful

now will the refrees pls show the red card to all these groups and stop the game,

craddle of terrorism

November 29, 2009

what is it about Pakitan that it breed terror ? Pakistnis take to terror like a fish takes to water, myths about poverty that it breeds terror is exposed, though the poor are still brainwashed, its the rich who indulge in terror
latest Headley is realated to the pakistani PM Pro, and very soon it will will not be surprised if he is related to PM Gillani

as this Rana/Headley issue is being investogated the liks are going ever higher, to army officers, diplomats, govt officials links are being exposed in the Mumbai Attack

and now its is so obivious why pakistan is nit ready to arrest saeed for the attack, as if he is arrested he will spill the beans and evrybody will be exposed

Indian should not depend on paksitan to seek justice, and should take what action necessary to give justice to the victims
we should not have any dialogue with pakistan till saeed is arrested and hanged

Pakiatani Tokenism

November 26, 2009

the aniversary of the mumbai attack is here, and pakistan the country involved have as a token got a case filed against a few including Kasb the true pakistani hero after denying that he is a pakistani until a fair minded pakistani newspaper traced his family who the ISI authorities hadve kidnapped and hidden away, and the other villagers threatened if they speak out, but truth has a way of comming out,
and now another set of pakistani heroes Rana and Headley have been arrested who were in contact with the pakistani consulate in USA, and the army in pakistan,
what does that mean to India ?
we should not resume talks with pakistan, till the people involved are tried and sentenced, and not just the foot soldiers but the main planners, we should not have any dealing with pakistan, the pakistani players should not be allowed to play in IPL,
Pakistan should not be allowed to get away with this at any cost
India should resist US pressure, and not succumb to their intrest, the only people who will have to safeguard India intrest are the Indians

Pakistani Myths

November 19, 2009

The convenient curtain of mythPosted by Asif Akhtar on 11 14th, 2009 s

Recently, I met some jihadis who have been in the business of holy war since the 1990s. I was surprised to hear that even though they were in support of the jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir, they were opposed to the idea of destabilising Pakistan itself. When asked who was responsible for the suicide bombings and target killings they had an overarching theory to explain the tricky business. According to them, India, the United States, and Israel had colluded resources to create a super-agency to dishevel this entire region. Though they admitted that convincing a hardened jihadi that the government of Pakistan was also part of the enemy collaborative wasn’t too much of a stretch, they also added that a true jihadi would not be involved in the killing of innocent people.

Surprisingly enough, this whole India-US-Israel theory has a lot of popular currency these days in Pakistan, a country whose national sports should be lounge room politics and conspiracy theorising instead of cricket and hockey. The myriad of television talk-shows on every news channel are heavily relying on this theory of a triangulated axis of evil out to destroy Islam and Pakistan with one nifty stone’s throw of insurgent terror.

I don’t mean to dampen Pakistan’s highly built up superiority complex laced with self pity at the whole world’s always being out to get us, but has anyone ever thought of questioning why we always situate Pakistan at the centre of our world view? It is true that Pakistan is in the news a lot these days, and that the location of our borders in terms of resources and trade routes present significant geopolitical interests. But isn’t it a bit much to consider the current conflict in terms of issues that lie beyond the immediately obvious uses of Pakistan’s soil, and therefore hurl the current conflict in to the realm of myth and conspiracy?

Islamic mythology has obviously played a huge role in the formation of our national identity. It is telling that the history books we’re taught in school start from Mohenjodaro and Harappa, jump to the life of the Prophet in pagan Arabia, and then an interlude of early Islamic history until the likes of Muhammad bin Qasim finally brings Islam to the subcontinent. After that, the Muslim personalities involved in South Asian politics are closely followed up until the creation of Pakistan as a homeland for the Muslims.

Given this strange mix of religious indoctrination and nationalist propaganda, it isn’t a shock that our national identity is hopelessly intertwined with religion. The great ups and downs of our history are also then viewed though the mirror image of early Islamic Arabian history, starting with the Partition of 1947 where the oppressed Muslims in the land of infidels partake in a hijrah-like migration to greener pastures. This is also responsible for similar coinages as mohajir’s for people who migrated from the other side of the border, and of course the Muttahida Quami Movement as well. Looking across the border with the same deeply rooted scepticism through which we historically view pagan Mecca also comes with the national identity combo-meal.

After two wars with our neighbour that have been cloaked in the same historical-identity mirror as jihads which the Prophet Muhammad participated in – the 1965 war, where a small number of Muslims beat a larger threatening army of infidels akin to the scenario in Jang-e-Badar, and the 1971 war being similar to Jang-e-Uhad, where the Muslims suffered heavy losses owing to their greed and indiscipline. Kargil would then be seen as the Battle of the Trench, had it not ended with such a national disaster.

The idea of martyrdom has been historically very close to these times of crisis when national unity is a must. The list of the dozen or so shaheeds who gave their life for the country is also present in every textbook. Unfortunately, the idea of the martyr as a member of Pakistan’s armed forces has become one that is hotly contested in recent times, as the right to declare a martyr isn’t the sole prerogative of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The ISPR’s version of a shaheed in Waziristan is diametrically opposed to that of the TTP’s version of shaheed.

The same mujahids who valiantly fought in Kashmir and Afghanistan for Islam and Pakistan, seem to have turned on the Islamic Republic as the very fabric of propaganda which binds Islam with Pakistan is ruptured beyond repair. With the popularly elected government being portrayed as infidel rule propped up by the Americans, and the culture of the modern, westernised elites is labeled as shamelessness and excessive debauchery, it seems we’re caught in the middle of a storm where the hero can no longer be told apart from the enemy.

For decades, the enemy image coined in our heads has been that of the Islam-hating, darker-skinned Hindu at the eastern edge of our border. One can imagine how much violence the average Pakistanis’ worldview must have been subjected to when the heroic mujahid suddenly became the enemy, in less than a decade. A painful readjustment of the conventional enemy image is needed in order to re-galvanize the nation behind these destroyers of the idea of Pakistan.

This interesting transposition was evident in an armed forces award ceremony in which shaheeds from the current conflict were inducted into the ranks of those martyred in Pakistan’s conventional wars. The reenacted footage telegraphing each incident showed a mysterious tribal as the concealed enemy. The army also seems to be relying on foreigners being involved in the tribal areas as a way to distance the conflict from civil strife. The circulation of reports of large containers of alcohol belonging to Uzbek militants also seems to be a way of distancing Islam from the enemy.

However, it appears that instead of reevaluating things through a more rational approach, we’ve stuck to our patchwork quilt of mythological identity through a couple of quick-and-easy adjustments. As a matter of convenience for our security establishment, the principal enemy obviously remains India. But those polygamous infidels couldn’t possibly be the solely responsible for such an ingenious plan that redirects our tactics against them and literally brings the country to its knees? No, that’s not possible. So who could they possibly be in cahoots with?

Once again the answer is conveniently available from early Islamic Arabia, where the Meccan pagans were conspiring with scheming Jewish tribes. A simple transposition of the historical onto our mythological identity yields the result of India and Israel collaborating for the destruction of Pakistan, with the US sitting on the fringes like the Holy Roman Empire.

I think it’s time we quit hiding behind the convenient curtain of myth, and take the bitter pill of reality. For once, for that might help us frame this conflict in more rational terms and possibly lead us closer to a solution, rather than further feeding propaganda to the conflict. If the present reasoning of global evils out to destroy Islam and Pakistan continues, then the only answer is the apocalyptic war which is talked about in fringe mythologies related to the arrival of the Antichrist.

The last thing we want is for this to be a self-fulfilling prophecy! We need to step away from viewing this as a clash of civilisations, in terms of Islam versus the West. This is a misinformed dichotomy, since the West is not a religion, and Islam isn’t a geographical location. The more hopelessly intertwined our nationality becomes with a faux mythology, the more susceptible it becomes to being hijacked by those wishing to extract temporary gains from this vulnerability.

Lahore-based Asif Akhtar is interested in critical social discourse as well as the expressive facets of reactive art and is one of the schizophrenic narrators of a graphic novel.

ps: Moin Ansari mian pls read this article and think about it