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cry of minority nations in pakistn

November 22, 2010

every province in pakistn is crying for justice, i came acrosss the foll article which i felt everyboby in pakistn should read as well as all outsiders

jinnah got pakistn to safe gaurd the muslims in provonce whre they were a majority and did not need any security, it were the muslim in province where they were a minority need security and they were abandoned

jinnah lust for power made him sacrifice the freedom of the people of even muslim majority provonce

like bengalis in east pakistn, sindhis, balouchis , and the pustho, they are all under the yoke of punjabis, thanks to jinnah

now even the urdu speaking pakis are not happy bec of the punjabis

the punjabi murdered and raped million of bangal people, they are luck to have escaped from punjabis grip thanks to the indian army,

but the other nation are not so lucky yet

punajbis will reapeat what they did y=to bangla pople agian against mohajisr, sooner or later, twice they already attacked and slaughtred 1000s of them in karachi, things are set for another round as soon as the trbal war is under some control

balouvchis are alreday at war, the trabl in fata are killed on a regular bases, and now the chinese have been allowed in the tribal areas to subdue them

the pathan are killed by american with a tacit understanding with the punjabis, it is very pecular, when pathan terrorist stike the cities, with sucide bombming the punajis go after them, but when punjaby terrorist strike like they did in lahore ect there is no action, in fact  sharfif brother appealed to them in the name of punjabiat to not target punjab, in other words its ok to bomb say karachi

pustoons will de free sooner then later, balouch my find it difficult, as pakis will hold on to them wiuth chinese help

but sindhi will find it very difficult to be  free as pakis need access to the port, and agricultural land in norther sind,

so the pakis will fight tooth and nail to keep then even if they have to reapeat east pakistn all over again,

i can only see gebocide for the sindhi and mohajir


jinnah’s sex life

November 14, 2010

jinnah war married  he was 16 years old aziz beg is biographer said how jinnah approached his father in ;law to take his bride home she was just 13 years old, the father in law agreed, she died a few year later when he was in england,

after that he married when he was 41 year old to a 18 year old girls,

infact he started an affaur with her when she was a minor, and he had gone for holidays to darjeling  with her family, when the affir started, her family had taken jinnah with good faith, but the father did not realise his friend had eyes for his daughter or that he was a womaniser

since she was a minor the fater got a court injunction against jinnah, but when she turned 18 he ran away with her and married her, after converting her to islam

the above instaces show that he had a very active sex life, but bec everything was kept in close door

very little is know

he was married for 10 year 5 of which they were seperated, hence all in all he was married only for eight year in physical terms

inbetween there is no record of his sex life, whch was kept under wrap. and

on;ly fatima his sister was staying with him, and she was very close to him, and very protetive

its is well know that jinnah marriage to ruttie broke because of fatima

begum liaqat ali khan recalled  how fatima gaurded jinnah against all women and how she hated ruttie his wife,  i think she must have been jealous of us, and how the all called fatima a wicked witch

after ruttie dies heart broken, fatima shife to jinnah house after closing her bussiness, and he never married again, it was common knowledge in the houshold that the two had incestous relationship,

it was one of the reasom jinah daughter dino never came to live with jinnah, and never met him after partition, as she never forgave him for killing her mother because of his affairs with his own sister

even ayub khan raised the question of her living with jinnah and her relationship with jinnah, till he died,

he raised this issue during the election in the early sixties, and he being the absolute ruler at that time had inside information of jinnah lifestyle

it is said inspite of the huge support for fatima in the election especially from east pakistn she still lost to ayub bec of her past life iwth jinnah

the mullah rightly called him kaffir e azam, as they knew about his life, which was as bogus as he was, he ate pork drank alcohol but pretended to be a pious muslim, fighting for muslim cause, when in reality he was after power

pakistanis deserting

November 14, 2010

why is everybody deserting pakistn, the latest is their national crickter, who has sought asylum in UK,

Zulqamain Haider, did waht was right as his life was threathed by corrupt officila and bookies, he did what any right thing person did, leave rather then be corrupt and cheat,

he thought it better to live in kaffir England, then stay in a Pak  Stan of pakistan

this brings us to the question why is it that is  is very diffucult for honest person to live inpakistn, even person with good prospect like ZH,

as per miya moin ansari pakistn is a 150000 year old civilisation so why are people leaving, is this what an islamic civilisation does to a country

it is a shame for pakistn, and islam, for nuturing corruption on this scale

selling daughters in islam

November 8, 2010

we hear so many heaqrt rebding stories in the islamic world hwre daughter are sold for money by their sunni muslim parents,

this is very common in pakistan, and not unheard in india, where people in hyderan]bad sell their daughter to gulf arabs for money, someties for limited time, senstioned by koran or is it?

mullah make money the girld is returned after some time, so the parents can sell her again, even pims in red ligh area of india and pakistan will be put to shame as to how  these muslim mullah can arrange to sell a girl child without being caught by the law as it is sentioned by allah.

these as been an age old custom of tribal arabia which was imported to the sub continent thru islam. and is now rampant in india pakistn and bangaldeshi muslim community

if u search the web u will get countless cases of legalised prostitution in the name of is;lam,

wonedr when will the so called islamic scholars wake up and issue a fatwa banning this practise, as they rae so good at issuing fatwa agisnt books, people ect

why is these crime not important, or is it they are making so much money they turn a blind eys?

question to arzal miya moin ansari rupee news

November 3, 2010

the recent laws passed by aklahoma, banningh sharia law , though there is no sharia law in that state
now miya moin ansari has objected to it and raised several question as how its a racist law , and what if islamic countries follow siut
rg pakistn will stop christian from celbrating christmas, malasia will ban santa claus, indoenasia will discriminate agaist christia ecty ect

the joke is how safe are christain in pakistan? what abot the bkle
laws discrminating the minorities in pakiustn, so many christian have been killed by mob and police stationafter they have been falsely been accused of burning koran, ect

je says muslim shpuld have all the right in non muslim world including halal food, which is a animal torture
so why cannot christian be allowed to eat pork freely in muslim countrues why is kuwait saudu ban pork, and not allow people to carry pork and eat, or alcohol

whay are non muslim made to fasr compulsarily during ramadan

why non muslim cannot becom head of pakistn, why is ther law preventing it, though the chance of one becomming is very very slim

why are 1000s of non muslim in saudi jail for praying, and following their religion

why is arzal miya moin ansari not raising this issue, whi is hehe in non muslim country if he feels he is being discriminated against
why are muslim struggling to go to non muslim countries,
why is most muslim asylum seekers going to non muslim countries

miya moin ansari pls answer these question

pls read the foll

Sexual Obsession of the Pakistani

October 31, 2010

i was reading an article of the sex life of Mhatma Gandhi, Idira Gandhi ect by Miya Moin Ansari, a paki, it was like an obsession with him, as he has been updating it for the last couple of years, i was curious as to his obsession, it was like a perverted intrest, this got me thinking if an educated man can be so perverted, what abot an average paki
first i thought as he is a arzal caste maybe that was a reason for his obssesion , but later cvame to know its very wide spread

i mean i have read in pakatn even if a women is to be punis\hed by the elders for any wrong doing in the villages they are routinely raped eg muktharen mai
i have also come acroos article which stated incest is the higest in pakistan, as marriage with first cousin is accepted ther and from there in a sexua;;y re[pressed society where women cannot step out of the house alone it just a matter of time bfore incest takes place
i came acroos the foll article written by very people who did a lot of research
which helped me understand the high rate of sex crimes in pakistn

The Rape Of Balouchistan

October 30, 2010

pakistan has been shamelessly occuping balouchistan fpor the last 60 years thru deciet, and naked force, their women folks have been raped, and this by the forces of the land of the pure PAKISTAN

a few years ago a pakistani army  officer captain Hammad  raped a women doctor  shazia in a  in balouchistan,in a hogh secutity zone, which was gaurded by pakistani military sic,  and this started another round of rebellion by the balouchi people to protect the dignity of their women, and their country, this rebellion is still going on in all the district of balouchistan.

the said officer is related to top army brass, a corp commander of pakis army, who too was  involved in the rape of bangl;adesh,

the lady doctor had to migrate to kafir canada, for her safety , as she fearded for her life and her families life which was threatned by sunni pakistnis islamic army. an irony reallly muslim women have to take shelter in non muslim countries,

why is it muslim women are safer in non muslim countries?

pakistan is slowly but surely popu;lating balouchistan with non balouchis especially punjabis, Gawader port is totallt owned by punjabis, and the land around it is mosly owned by paki army afficers, and balouchis are working there as labourer and cooolies, and this in their own land

pakis always blame ondia of helping balochis, i wish they helped them, as balouchis and india are very close,

pakis accuse indian of human right violation in kashmir, fpor a minute lets us agree with them as they say its done by hindus on the muslim.

but balochis are muslims, so how come sunni pakistn is raping sunni muslim in balouchistan.

as miya moin ansari say a muslim will never hurt a muslim, its all done by indian, israelis aqnd american, so how does he justifies what is heppening in baloucistan, there are no india troops there, or is it the pakis army takes orders from kafir india ?

above was written when i read a the below articles written by a baloucis

open letter to arzal miya moina ansari on Islamic religion

October 27, 2010

i just came across an article on islami women written by a very renowned islamic scholar from pakistn, and would like to share it with all of you

after reading the above it was no surprise reading the below as most pakistnis population were born of rape by the arabs 1000s of years ago

would love to have arzal miya moin arsari comments as he will have more knowledge on these issue as he is a very learned person, but a bit selective

Pakistan Sinking

October 26, 2010

i was just going thru a reputed pakistni news paper Dawn and i came across a few news article

1, a report by TI placing pakistn as one of the most corrupt country in the world ranking along with burma iraq and afganistan, infact it has sunk futher in raking as compared to last year

2, i read a report how over 77 million people of pakistn are hungry, in the same report there was a srory how a policemen works night as a street juice vendor

(Sher Alam (name changed to protect identity), in his 40s, works day and night to make ends meet. He is an ordinary juice-vendor between 8am and 4pm for his customers, who are unaware of his service in the capital city police where he works on the night shift.

While having barely a few hours for rest, Alam faces the rigours of daily life as a challenge only to get all his eight children educated. Yet it is a vicious circle of inflation that is denying him a right to see his dreams come true.

The police constable, clad in plainclothes, broke under simple questioning and started sharing the hard facts about his life. “I have always dreamed that my children receive quality education and get decent jobs. But, this seems almost impossible now with the prices of basic commodities skyrocketing,” he lamented. )

3, a book (Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir) has been written by Fatima bhutto, about her family where she mentione she cannot understan a country which has a nuke, but cannot mfg a good refrigerator, and she is a pakistni

so all this seprate report and news when u see in a common light show something about pakistn

its a corrupt country so someone is making money, and it will definately be the politician/army ect not odinary people

so the poorr are getting poorer, policmen families are starving so what security they can provide the people, and are open to jihadi eliment who can pay them to let them carry their activity, which now show why the sunni terrorist can bomb pakistn at will

and as bhutto said its nuke country  but cannot make refrigerator , miya moin ansari led us to beleive that pakistn is mafg sophiticated planes and missiles but what is the use whemnpakistan is  imploding from within

corruption is the stone aroung pakistn neck,

miya moin ansar would u like to refute the above report ?

Islam Conversion

October 25, 2010

recently i heard a news that Ex PM Tony Blairs sister in law, his wife sister has converted to Islam, and everybody in the islamic world are very trilled, in pakistan too, though she has converted to shia islam, it set me thinking about the various people convertint to islam, what is it all about
as i see in Iran where she is working, you cannot raise to higer position unless u are a muslim, so its obvious,
shhe is questiOning and accusing blair of lots iof things especially palestine ect this lady always had family problrm with the blairs, she is half sister of tony wife, so it brings to question has she something to grind

in india its very convinent to convert to islam, especially when u want to eascape law, anyboby who wants to marry a second time without divorcing the first wife converts to islam, eg dharmendra, mahesh bhatt ect but none of them practinse
mahesh a womeniser islam, dharmendra is a biggest alchoholic,
a few year ago the son of haryana chie minister converted to islam to marry his muslim girlfriend as he was already married, the mullah were trilled anand immediately comverted him to islam in 5 minutes, and after a few months of drama he again convert back to hinduism, so where does this converion leads to, just quantity not quality
in USA its was very fashaionably to convert to islam, in teh 1980s and 90s, mostly the blacks, i had an oppurtunity to meet some of them, and i was like are they muslim, bec they drank, ate pork, womanised, did drugs, were into petty crimes, so is this whay islam comming to
a person shpuld be converted after a certain period , when hat person can learn about the religion, know what is permissiable what is not

not like tony sister saying she had no alcohol for 2 months, does that make a good muslim, what is the bet guys she start drinking the moments she lands in UK