cry of minority nations in pakistn

every province in pakistn is crying for justice, i came acrosss the foll article which i felt everyboby in pakistn should read as well as all outsiders

jinnah got pakistn to safe gaurd the muslims in provonce whre they were a majority and did not need any security, it were the muslim in province where they were a minority need security and they were abandoned

jinnah lust for power made him sacrifice the freedom of the people of even muslim majority provonce

like bengalis in east pakistn, sindhis, balouchis , and the pustho, they are all under the yoke of punjabis, thanks to jinnah

now even the urdu speaking pakis are not happy bec of the punjabis

the punjabi murdered and raped million of bangal people, they are luck to have escaped from punjabis grip thanks to the indian army,

but the other nation are not so lucky yet

punajbis will reapeat what they did y=to bangla pople agian against mohajisr, sooner or later, twice they already attacked and slaughtred 1000s of them in karachi, things are set for another round as soon as the trbal war is under some control

balouvchis are alreday at war, the trabl in fata are killed on a regular bases, and now the chinese have been allowed in the tribal areas to subdue them

the pathan are killed by american with a tacit understanding with the punjabis, it is very pecular, when pathan terrorist stike the cities, with sucide bombming the punajis go after them, but when punjaby terrorist strike like they did in lahore ect there is no action, in fact  sharfif brother appealed to them in the name of punjabiat to not target punjab, in other words its ok to bomb say karachi

pustoons will de free sooner then later, balouch my find it difficult, as pakis will hold on to them wiuth chinese help

but sindhi will find it very difficult to be  free as pakis need access to the port, and agricultural land in norther sind,

so the pakis will fight tooth and nail to keep then even if they have to reapeat east pakistn all over again,

i can only see gebocide for the sindhi and mohajir



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