jinnah’s sex life

jinnah war married  he was 16 years old aziz beg is biographer said how jinnah approached his father in ;law to take his bride home she was just 13 years old, the father in law agreed, she died a few year later when he was in england,

after that he married when he was 41 year old to a 18 year old girls,

infact he started an affaur with her when she was a minor, and he had gone for holidays to darjeling  with her family, when the affir started, her family had taken jinnah with good faith, but the father did not realise his friend had eyes for his daughter or that he was a womaniser

since she was a minor the fater got a court injunction against jinnah, but when she turned 18 he ran away with her and married her, after converting her to islam

the above instaces show that he had a very active sex life, but bec everything was kept in close door

very little is know

he was married for 10 year 5 of which they were seperated, hence all in all he was married only for eight year in physical terms

inbetween there is no record of his sex life, whch was kept under wrap. and

on;ly fatima his sister was staying with him, and she was very close to him, and very protetive

its is well know that jinnah marriage to ruttie broke because of fatima

begum liaqat ali khan recalled  how fatima gaurded jinnah against all women and how she hated ruttie his wife,  i think she must have been jealous of us, and how the all called fatima a wicked witch

after ruttie dies heart broken, fatima shife to jinnah house after closing her bussiness, and he never married again, it was common knowledge in the houshold that the two had incestous relationship,

it was one of the reasom jinah daughter dino never came to live with jinnah, and never met him after partition, as she never forgave him for killing her mother because of his affairs with his own sister

even ayub khan raised the question of her living with jinnah and her relationship with jinnah, till he died,

he raised this issue during the election in the early sixties, and he being the absolute ruler at that time had inside information of jinnah lifestyle

it is said inspite of the huge support for fatima in the election especially from east pakistn she still lost to ayub bec of her past life iwth jinnah

the mullah rightly called him kaffir e azam, as they knew about his life, which was as bogus as he was, he ate pork drank alcohol but pretended to be a pious muslim, fighting for muslim cause, when in reality he was after power



18 Responses to “jinnah’s sex life”

  1. Felipe Collari Says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  2. Gary Tolles Says:

    Love your site man keep up the good work

  3. Shahzaib Says:

    To be frank, I didn’t like your post. I would have appreciated if you would have cited your sources. I have never heard of what you said here.
    Also try to write in good english; it will make your writing impactful.

  4. rich05 Says:

    yes u are right the english is terrible, wrote this blog very late in the night, so missed a some keys here and there

    regarding source, read liaqat wifes comments, ayub used to openly raise the issue of fatima relationship with her brother, its was such common knowledge in karachi, it was generally assumed ayub was being mean as fatima stood against him and he was ssacred she would win

  5. ap ka papa Says:

    Yo…fuck u niggar….i will fuck ur mom man…sooner or latter even if she is dead…i will still gona fuck her dead….

    Niggar lets have 3some with ur sister..to give u the real meaning of incestuous relationship…

    u better fucking cite your sources bitch…

  6. noureen Says:

    A fake and poorly written story.

  7. Tehseen Khan Says:

    let the famous Indo-Pak historian may give their views on this story, personally I dont believe in some of its contents.

  8. Indian Says:

    Jinnah is a Fucker and I support anything against him !
    India will be united again !
    Very Soon !

    A Staunch Indian Patriot !

  9. vkalthe Says:

    This is unbelievable. Why the person like jinha would do this dirty thing. Had he been very interested in vulgarity , he would have been married to many other girls. He had no lack of money . but vulgar thing with own direct sister is never possible. Even indian political party had highlighted this issue

  10. Vishnu Sharma Says:

    Jinnah was a Bhenchod ! Sala !

    His father wrote him a letter as him not be a traitor to his family when he was in England chasing English girls and abandoning his wife and mother who died in his absence.

    He made sure that in his life he was a traitor to his father, his wife, his mother, his second wife and to India.

    Sala sabko chod ke chala gaya ! Kanzirkhor ! Harami.

    Bada harami tha Mahomedali Jinnah !

  11. Vishnu Sharma Says:

    That is why his daughter hated him and stayed back in India.

    Which daughter wants to associate with a father who was so brutal to her own ailing mother.

    I would like to summarize this to every stinking Pakistani who reads this:

    Jinnah was a Bhenchod ! Gandu !

  12. shahidkhalid Says:

    not a serious article at all

  13. Omer Janjua Says:

    This is written by a retarded mental patient. Who only do false propaganda against Pakistan. Indians must know that their Indra Gandhi was involved in sexual relationship with our EX-PM Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
    He fucked her hard every time.

  14. arvind srivastava Says:

    Jinnah was convert muslim sia. His grand father was hindu merchant

  15. Amandeep Singh Says:

    Absolutely Jinnah was Bhenchod, many pakistani & indian politicians well known about jinnah;s sexual relations with thier sister.

  16. Khurshid Akhter Zuberi. Says:

    When I was in college, a friend of mine told me that his aunt was personal secretary of Fatima Jinnah. For the first time I heard this story from him. Later on, this was confirmed from many sources.
    One can surmise the fact from their lifestyle. No sister lives like this with his brother. They were always together for a long time.

    There is another anecdote: in a function, FJ and Edwina Montbaton were sitting side by side FJ said to Edwina “people are talking about you and Nehru.”Edwina replied “people are also talking about you and Jinnah ,”

    So, like it or not, J was a Behan****.

    Another leader, Patel is also suspected of incest. In FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT, the author has written “since the death of his wife, his daughter was his housekeeper, his secretary, – — – – -.So close was their relationship that they shared the same bedroom.”

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