selling daughters in islam

we hear so many heaqrt rebding stories in the islamic world hwre daughter are sold for money by their sunni muslim parents,

this is very common in pakistan, and not unheard in india, where people in hyderan]bad sell their daughter to gulf arabs for money, someties for limited time, senstioned by koran or is it?

mullah make money the girld is returned after some time, so the parents can sell her again, even pims in red ligh area of india and pakistan will be put to shame as to how  these muslim mullah can arrange to sell a girl child without being caught by the law as it is sentioned by allah.

these as been an age old custom of tribal arabia which was imported to the sub continent thru islam. and is now rampant in india pakistn and bangaldeshi muslim community

if u search the web u will get countless cases of legalised prostitution in the name of is;lam,

wonedr when will the so called islamic scholars wake up and issue a fatwa banning this practise, as they rae so good at issuing fatwa agisnt books, people ect

why is these crime not important, or is it they are making so much money they turn a blind eys?



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