question to arzal miya moin ansari rupee news

the recent laws passed by aklahoma, banningh sharia law , though there is no sharia law in that state
now miya moin ansari has objected to it and raised several question as how its a racist law , and what if islamic countries follow siut
rg pakistn will stop christian from celbrating christmas, malasia will ban santa claus, indoenasia will discriminate agaist christia ecty ect

the joke is how safe are christain in pakistan? what abot the bkle
laws discrminating the minorities in pakiustn, so many christian have been killed by mob and police stationafter they have been falsely been accused of burning koran, ect

je says muslim shpuld have all the right in non muslim world including halal food, which is a animal torture
so why cannot christian be allowed to eat pork freely in muslim countrues why is kuwait saudu ban pork, and not allow people to carry pork and eat, or alcohol

whay are non muslim made to fasr compulsarily during ramadan

why non muslim cannot becom head of pakistn, why is ther law preventing it, though the chance of one becomming is very very slim

why are 1000s of non muslim in saudi jail for praying, and following their religion

why is arzal miya moin ansari not raising this issue, whi is hehe in non muslim country if he feels he is being discriminated against
why are muslim struggling to go to non muslim countries,
why is most muslim asylum seekers going to non muslim countries

miya moin ansari pls answer these question

pls read the foll



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