Sexual Obsession of the Pakistani

i was reading an article of the sex life of Mhatma Gandhi, Idira Gandhi ect by Miya Moin Ansari, a paki, it was like an obsession with him, as he has been updating it for the last couple of years, i was curious as to his obsession, it was like a perverted intrest, this got me thinking if an educated man can be so perverted, what abot an average paki
first i thought as he is a arzal caste maybe that was a reason for his obssesion , but later cvame to know its very wide spread

i mean i have read in pakatn even if a women is to be punis\hed by the elders for any wrong doing in the villages they are routinely raped eg muktharen mai
i have also come acroos article which stated incest is the higest in pakistan, as marriage with first cousin is accepted ther and from there in a sexua;;y re[pressed society where women cannot step out of the house alone it just a matter of time bfore incest takes place
i came acroos the foll article written by very people who did a lot of research
which helped me understand the high rate of sex crimes in pakistn



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