The Rape Of Balouchistan

pakistan has been shamelessly occuping balouchistan fpor the last 60 years thru deciet, and naked force, their women folks have been raped, and this by the forces of the land of the pure PAKISTAN

a few years ago a pakistani army  officer captain Hammad  raped a women doctor  shazia in a  in balouchistan,in a hogh secutity zone, which was gaurded by pakistani military sic,  and this started another round of rebellion by the balouchi people to protect the dignity of their women, and their country, this rebellion is still going on in all the district of balouchistan.

the said officer is related to top army brass, a corp commander of pakis army, who too was  involved in the rape of bangl;adesh,

the lady doctor had to migrate to kafir canada, for her safety , as she fearded for her life and her families life which was threatned by sunni pakistnis islamic army. an irony reallly muslim women have to take shelter in non muslim countries,

why is it muslim women are safer in non muslim countries?

pakistan is slowly but surely popu;lating balouchistan with non balouchis especially punjabis, Gawader port is totallt owned by punjabis, and the land around it is mosly owned by paki army afficers, and balouchis are working there as labourer and cooolies, and this in their own land

pakis always blame ondia of helping balochis, i wish they helped them, as balouchis and india are very close,

pakis accuse indian of human right violation in kashmir, fpor a minute lets us agree with them as they say its done by hindus on the muslim.

but balochis are muslims, so how come sunni pakistn is raping sunni muslim in balouchistan.

as miya moin ansari say a muslim will never hurt a muslim, its all done by indian, israelis aqnd american, so how does he justifies what is heppening in baloucistan, there are no india troops there, or is it the pakis army takes orders from kafir india ?

above was written when i read a the below articles written by a baloucis



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