open letter to arzal miya moina ansari on Islamic religion

i just came across an article on islami women written by a very renowned islamic scholar from pakistn, and would like to share it with all of you

after reading the above it was no surprise reading the below as most pakistnis population were born of rape by the arabs 1000s of years ago

would love to have arzal miya moin arsari comments as he will have more knowledge on these issue as he is a very learned person, but a bit selective



2 Responses to “open letter to arzal miya moina ansari on Islamic religion”

  1. Burton Haynes Says:

    Hey there, first I would like to say that I am glad I found this page. Secondly, I like the way you write, makes it really nice to read. I just wanted to let you know my opinion 🙂

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    • rich05 Says:

      thank you, everybody should be aware, of the truth evn the muslim should know about it, especially the pakis, so we will hve a more peaceful world

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