Pakistan Sinking

i was just going thru a reputed pakistni news paper Dawn and i came across a few news article

1, a report by TI placing pakistn as one of the most corrupt country in the world ranking along with burma iraq and afganistan, infact it has sunk futher in raking as compared to last year

2, i read a report how over 77 million people of pakistn are hungry, in the same report there was a srory how a policemen works night as a street juice vendor

(Sher Alam (name changed to protect identity), in his 40s, works day and night to make ends meet. He is an ordinary juice-vendor between 8am and 4pm for his customers, who are unaware of his service in the capital city police where he works on the night shift.

While having barely a few hours for rest, Alam faces the rigours of daily life as a challenge only to get all his eight children educated. Yet it is a vicious circle of inflation that is denying him a right to see his dreams come true.

The police constable, clad in plainclothes, broke under simple questioning and started sharing the hard facts about his life. “I have always dreamed that my children receive quality education and get decent jobs. But, this seems almost impossible now with the prices of basic commodities skyrocketing,” he lamented. )

3, a book (Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir) has been written by Fatima bhutto, about her family where she mentione she cannot understan a country which has a nuke, but cannot mfg a good refrigerator, and she is a pakistni

so all this seprate report and news when u see in a common light show something about pakistn

its a corrupt country so someone is making money, and it will definately be the politician/army ect not odinary people

so the poorr are getting poorer, policmen families are starving so what security they can provide the people, and are open to jihadi eliment who can pay them to let them carry their activity, which now show why the sunni terrorist can bomb pakistn at will

and as bhutto said its nuke country  but cannot make refrigerator , miya moin ansari led us to beleive that pakistn is mafg sophiticated planes and missiles but what is the use whemnpakistan is  imploding from within

corruption is the stone aroung pakistn neck,

miya moin ansar would u like to refute the above report ?



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