Islam Conversion

recently i heard a news that Ex PM Tony Blairs sister in law, his wife sister has converted to Islam, and everybody in the islamic world are very trilled, in pakistan too, though she has converted to shia islam, it set me thinking about the various people convertint to islam, what is it all about
as i see in Iran where she is working, you cannot raise to higer position unless u are a muslim, so its obvious,
shhe is questiOning and accusing blair of lots iof things especially palestine ect this lady always had family problrm with the blairs, she is half sister of tony wife, so it brings to question has she something to grind

in india its very convinent to convert to islam, especially when u want to eascape law, anyboby who wants to marry a second time without divorcing the first wife converts to islam, eg dharmendra, mahesh bhatt ect but none of them practinse
mahesh a womeniser islam, dharmendra is a biggest alchoholic,
a few year ago the son of haryana chie minister converted to islam to marry his muslim girlfriend as he was already married, the mullah were trilled anand immediately comverted him to islam in 5 minutes, and after a few months of drama he again convert back to hinduism, so where does this converion leads to, just quantity not quality
in USA its was very fashaionably to convert to islam, in teh 1980s and 90s, mostly the blacks, i had an oppurtunity to meet some of them, and i was like are they muslim, bec they drank, ate pork, womanised, did drugs, were into petty crimes, so is this whay islam comming to
a person shpuld be converted after a certain period , when hat person can learn about the religion, know what is permissiable what is not

not like tony sister saying she had no alcohol for 2 months, does that make a good muslim, what is the bet guys she start drinking the moments she lands in UK



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