The Rise Of Shias

After 1400 years the shias will be in their rightful position of strength long denied by the sunnis, the rise of shia is good news for the world as we have fewer terrorist in the shia community as compared to sunnis,
Eg though USA is a sworn enemy of Iran, and Iranians are equality interested in securing the right of Palestinian, we do not have Iranian terror attack against USA or the west as compared to these so called sunni allies of American eg pak or Saudi , sunni countries are a breeding ground of terrorism eg pakis, Saudis, yemen ect ect
Shia terrorism is mostly a reaction to sunni attack and to protect their interest eg in Iraq
USA has unwittingly given Iran a upper hand in the region, by overthrowing a sunni dictator in Iraq, it assured of shia dominance in Iraq, with 70% shia and just 15 % sunni, Iraq will be a shia country the moment the American leave, all the help Saudis give the sunnis will not change the equation, and if it tries to forment too much trouble in Iraq, its own shia population will rise, and most of its oil is in shia dominated areas,

Iraq – shia dominated
Saudi, sooner or later the shias will rise and ask for a separate country, or join Iraq,they have been discriminated for too long by the sunnis, in Saudi the only reason Saudi is united is because of the American, its americam arms and support which is keeping the corrupt degraded monarch in power, eg yesterday Saudi prince grandson of king fahd was sentenced for murder and sexual assault in UK and these from the custodian of the holy mosque, and follower of so called pure islam
Syria – under Iranian control
Lebanon, shia majority
Baharian shia majority, sunni monarch in power because of the grace of USA
Kuwait, shia majority same as above
Afghanistan, USA did a huge favour to Iran by kicking out sunni Taliban, the Taliban killed 1000s of shias in Afghanistan and after the American leave they will not want to be under the paki sponsored Taliban, they will divide the country, and hazara will be a free nation with the help from Iran
The rebellion in the northern area will intensify as the sunnis start targeting more and more shia in Pakistan, these will keep the pakis busy
The American are the only temporary block holding the rise of shia s ,
This will leave a improvised sunni countries in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and the broken gulf countries, strife torn yemen ect,
The rise of shia islam will be good for the world as its more peaceful, and breed less terrorist
The time for shia to grab power is now, and the sunni countries are rightfully scared of shia iran, and the Saudis will kiss the American behind for it to put pressure on Iran, and pakis have already using the American lines as to why Iran needs the nukes, as a nuclear iran will ensure the shias get their rightful place in the world and islam from Saudi arabia to Pakistan, Syria Lebanon afganistn ect and it will not be a shia cresent but a full shia moon



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