Pakistani civilisation open question to miya moin ansari

i was just reading an article by a cracpot Moin Ansari who states that pakistn is 150000 years old, it predates india and all the civilisation of th

i have just one question for Mr Moin Ansari ( by the way he is a converted hindu, from india whose parents went to pakistan as refugee during partition) he claims there was no partition, as pakistn already exsited for 1000s of years
so my question if its such an old civilisation then why is it that the mohajirs , sindis, punjabis still killing each others, in pakistn, and more specifically in karachi in the last few days ?
are we to assume there are different civilisation in pakistn each at loggerhead with the others?
thus is an open question to Moin miya ? violent conflict can occur within n a civilisation, but its mosty idelogycal, for power ect, but in pakistan we see civil war based on language eh urdu, sindi, punjabi ect, enthicity eg pustho, sindhi, balouch muslim religion eg shia, sunni, qaidiyan ect
so are they all people of same civilisation or are they different?

does pakistniat exsit, if it does where? in punjab, or sind, in the pathan lands?



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