The Islamic Bomb

yesterday paki foreingn minister gave a statement that Iran had no need for a atomic bomb, it faced no threat, and thet it should knowtoW to USA sic like the pakis do

now lets see what might have caused this views
pak is a paid mercenery of Saudi, its a master servant relationship, saudis need pakis to fight their war and protect them from a shia iran, in case of a all out war between shis and sunnis, pakis are the counter weight for saudis against Iranians,
a shia boms is a threat for sunnis countries more so then it is for isreal

so pakis are doing the bidding of its masters the USA and Saudis, iand it is now safer to assume that the tesnsion between the american and Iranian will enter the final phase and may escalate into a military conflict, and pakis as usual will jump into the american camp, (9/11, and soviots entering afghannistan ect) and so they getting ready, incase the military conflict begins they can tell the muslim world that they did everthing to stop the conflict a a brotherly muslim country, so a brother muslim country does not suffer ect ect but it is a fact pakistani and saudis will be the most happy nations if iran is destroyed, as iran with the collapse of iraq ia the most powerful country in the gulf
for iram sunni pak and saudi are mpre of a threat then israel or USA,
iranian sucurity is assured if it neutrilises sunni nations, as anyone know islamic history will know sunnis are the biggest threat to shia muslim, they have been killed in in all muslim countries whre they are in minority eg pakistan,
things would be different if pak did not have the nukes then iran had no reason to accquire a nuke bomb,

now paki advise is like a cat telling a rat he should not stay in the hole



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