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Pakistan Imploding

September 8, 2010

pakistanis should wake up as to why the world community is so reluntant to help them in these dark days, they still seem to have not realised why the world community is averse to helpin them,

for a start they are asking aid from the west and there are news comming out of pakistn that the minorities sepecially the christian are being discrminated by them when providing help to the flood vitims, there christian are being thrown out of their houses and the houses takien over by the flood victims,

terrorist nutured by the ISI are moving freely in pakistn, and bombing the cities at will as if they have the support of some group very high up in the pakistni govt

every secong terrorist cought world wide has some link to pakistan, some have link as high as the PM office as in the case of Hadely aka mr gilani

last time around when the earthquqke hit pakistn, most of the aid given to pakistn never reached the people of the tribal belt, many govt officila became rich overnight

India gave 25 million dollars, and pakitn took 2 weeks to accept it, which send signal world wide that pakistn does not really need aid, action speaks louder then word, and this action of pakistn was loud and clear

these are just few of the reason, is it any surprise the world is not bending bacwards to help pakistan

pakistani as a community like to blame everybody but themself, for all the ills that have visited them over the years, both man made and natures wrath

i came across an article which is in serculation that this flood was caused by USA , Inidia and Israel how riducules can one get, the person propagating it is Moin Ansari, and he seems to have a deree in blaming the west and particulary India for everything

though the floods caused wide spread devastation, quite a bit of it was caused by the politician and the feaduls in pakistn, many of them breached the  dukes in places so the water would flow in another are and their farms town would be saved, many a cities were flooded because of these reasons

now its free for all politician versur politician, provnce versus province, community versus community, it seems the floods have washed away whatever veneer of stability and pakistthe countries niat left in this land

the trbal belt is up in arms, the soverienity is a joke, USA is bombing pakistn at a drop of a hat,  in the nothern area the chinese have been invited to keep the tribal revolt down, and to top the cake mr Malik said yesterday that balouchistan will be attacked by pakistni army like they are doing in swat to keep the peace  there

the final nail in the coffin will be when USA cut and runs from afganistan, then be sure the taleban will take over pakistn, and then they will fight among themself, like they did in afganistn before 9/11  in pakistn it will be the pusto tribal versus punjabi taleban, with balouchi and sindhis joinning in

it is time the pakistni realise the danger and stop supporting terror as a state policy for containg india afganistn, and using it to get money out of the west, they are playing with fire and its only a matter of time before they burn themself,

wake up