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The Game

December 5, 2009

the tempreture in Pakistab is rising, feeling the heat, is the common people, the mullahs and the politician are playing one upmanship, theses two groups are the untouchables in pakistan, the military is the refree, who decides who should be shown a red card or yellow card
right now its the group based in Wazaristan which has been the red card.

The Let and groups based in punjab have green card so they can play as they like

now the question arises which group are responsible for the bombing of pakistni cities, we had 2 in the last 2 days, Rawalpindi yesterday and peshwar today? do these group have the permission to creat these mayham, i think they do, atleast part of the military/ISI are hands in gloves not to speak of spme political backing too, bec without the authorities backing its almost impossible for the terrorist to be so sucessful

now will the refrees pls show the red card to all these groups and stop the game,