craddle of terrorism

what is it about Pakitan that it breed terror ? Pakistnis take to terror like a fish takes to water, myths about poverty that it breeds terror is exposed, though the poor are still brainwashed, its the rich who indulge in terror
latest Headley is realated to the pakistani PM Pro, and very soon it will will not be surprised if he is related to PM Gillani

as this Rana/Headley issue is being investogated the liks are going ever higher, to army officers, diplomats, govt officials links are being exposed in the Mumbai Attack

and now its is so obivious why pakistan is nit ready to arrest saeed for the attack, as if he is arrested he will spill the beans and evrybody will be exposed

Indian should not depend on paksitan to seek justice, and should take what action necessary to give justice to the victims
we should not have any dialogue with pakistan till saeed is arrested and hanged



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