Pakiatani Tokenism

the aniversary of the mumbai attack is here, and pakistan the country involved have as a token got a case filed against a few including Kasb the true pakistani hero after denying that he is a pakistani until a fair minded pakistani newspaper traced his family who the ISI authorities hadve kidnapped and hidden away, and the other villagers threatened if they speak out, but truth has a way of comming out,
and now another set of pakistani heroes Rana and Headley have been arrested who were in contact with the pakistani consulate in USA, and the army in pakistan,
what does that mean to India ?
we should not resume talks with pakistan, till the people involved are tried and sentenced, and not just the foot soldiers but the main planners, we should not have any dealing with pakistan, the pakistani players should not be allowed to play in IPL,
Pakistan should not be allowed to get away with this at any cost
India should resist US pressure, and not succumb to their intrest, the only people who will have to safeguard India intrest are the Indians



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